(Tree’s gonna get you. My picture. Not yours. That means no stealing. For serious.)

Woohoo! Let’s get excited about writing!!!

What’s that you say? Life sucks, and there’s no reason to get excited about anything, ever?

Sorry, guys, but here’s the breaking news: It happens. Life happens. And life is not always good to you.

So what do you do? You smile and move on. It doesn’t matter if you’re crying at the moment that you read this–smile. Somebody thinks your smile is beautiful. And somebody thinks you are beautiful–no matter what gender you are.

Get enthusiastic about something! 🙂 I guarantee it’ll make things better. I’d write more today, but I really just need to sleep soon. I’ve got 125 words, about two-thirds of which were typed during the writing of this blog entry. Probably gonna get a few more in before I go. Gonna do better tomorrow. Probably.

Who am I kidding? I’m totally gonna do better tomorrow.

Do I actually believe that? I’m not sure yet. We’ll find out when I wake up. But that’s the power of positive thinking. I’m telling myself that I’ll do better tomorrow because it’s what I’d like to believe will happen.

Your assignment: Write a happy poem. Or a short story or script or whatever. Write about something that always makes you happy, no matter what. It can be a song you love, the sight of the sun rising, the squirrels on your porch, or anything else that makes you overflow with joy or whatever. If it makes you happy, then write something about it.

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