Sleep Deprivation!

(Campus photo I took! No stealing. ‘Kay? Thanks.)

Wheeee!! What do you do when you’ve not slept enough? Read funny stuff on the Internet and write!

I’ve been feeling icky today, so this will be a super-short post! 307 words today, and 97 words yesterday. Until my stomach gets to feeling better, I gotta work with what I can.

I’m considering writing a little now because I know I won’t remember it in the morning. XD Have you ever done that?

Anyway, sleep deprivation can sometimes provide you with interesting ideas you would normally tell to shut up and go away. Try writing and see if you can mine a few gems out of your incoherent mess. And who knows? You may end up writing better when you’ve not slept. A lot of famous authors didn’t sleep much. They died young, but you know. Yeah.

So, here’s your assignment: Make a mental list of things you would ordinarily dismiss as things you would never, ever write about. Number them. Try to get at least 10 ideas on your list. Go to a random number generator ( and input 1-[insert whatever number your list stops at]. What number did you get? Go to that number on your list and spend at least 10 minutes writing about it. If you liked it more than you thought you would, kudos! Do it again! If not, well, you learned you were right in not wanting to write about it. Try the experiment again with something else. Just because one thing didn’t work doesn’t mean another won’t. Whether you liked it or not, at least you expanded your horizons a little and maybe even learned a little something! 😀

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