A Case of the Lazies

(Same old song and dance. Don’t steal it. Because I took it. Not the best quality, but I thought this tree on campus was cool on a photo spree, so I took a picture of it.)

Some days, you just don’t wanna do anything. Today was one of those days!

Having a Case of the Lazies is not necessarily a bad thing. It can give you a break from the hectic hectic-ness of your daily life. It can let you cool down on the writing and let yourself step back from it for a bit. It’s easier to judge your own work if you’ve taken a break from it. It can let you have a fresh start in creativity the next time you actually do write.

So don’t beat yourself up over a Case of the Lazies. However, you should definitely do something if you feel it happening a second day in a row. Unless you’ve been working non-stop for a long, long time (like months), you need to jump right back into things.

A Case of the Lazies can slow you down, especially if you let it happen often. So look at your lazy days carefully. It doesn’t matter how you spend them. Just keep in mind that you have to get back to work the next day.

I can’t post about the Lazies all the time, so I can’t get on your butt all the time about it. That means you just have to monitor it yourself. If you see yourself having more and more of these days, then you need to step it up! Tuck your head in and run right into the thick of things–write a whole bunch, so much so that you can’t even imagine why you had a lazy day in the first place because you are so proud of yourself for getting so much done.

Your assignment: Think about the last time you had a Case of the Lazies. How long did it take you to get out of it? What did you do afterward? Did you do a lot of writing, or did you take another day off? How do you normally fix your Lazies? Take 10 minutes to write a short piece of fiction about a character who has way too much to do in his or her life. It can be semi-autobiographical if you really want to do that or if it’ll help you get moving and write. Okay? Now get going!

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