Zombie Days

(So this is a picture of a circle of clovers. The dirt patch looks kinda like a skull, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be strange if your skull were to disappear immediately after stealing this picture? An odd thought indeed.)

Ummm, hey. Hi. *starts looking off in a random direction*

Oh, you’re over there.

Today was a Zombie Day. I didn’t accomplish much and didn’t leave the house. I haven’t been eating or sleeping much lately, and I guess today was the result of that.

Try not to let yourself get caught up in those downward swings like me. I feel like I’m sort of making progress. But I’m also rather caught up in all the crap that’s coming up these next few months. So please bear with me. Lots of college- and after-college-related things, among other stresses. Ugh.

Remember to take days off. I feel like I’ve probably said that too many times on here. But it’s important. If you’ve ever watched Dragonball Z, then you know that Goku takes a break every so often. Like, there’s a ton of stuff going on, and he’s fighting his butt off, and afterward, there’s a period of time where he just sits around and eats. It’s like that. Because even Saiyans know that you will burn yourself out if you’re always working. I know I’ve not been working a lot lately, but I’ve been stressing, and the two are often equivocal.

So let’s try to make sure we don’t burn out. Here’s a good place to start:

Try it. I’m not gonna do it right now because I’m finishing typing this, of course, and then I’ll be heading to bed. But I’m gonna do it tomorrow. I’ll try to do better on writing and such tomorrow. I sincerely hope this entry makes some sense. I like being able to look at what I’ve done over the course of the day, which is why I do them so late at night. Here’s hoping I’ll be motivated enough to start this before I get terribly tired tomorrow.

Your assignment: Do nothing for two minutes. After you’ve successfully done that (Don’t stop until you do), listen to some relaxing music for a few minutes. See if it inspires any writing. If it does, then write something. If not, then just let the music roll over you until you’re relaxed. Sometimes relaxation is necessary before you can be productive. So just relax and follow the pendulum with your eyes…

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