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So I’m heading off to Florida with the family for several days. Because of this, I’ve decided to see if I can start adding some posts to the queue so they’ll be posted even on days I don’t have time to sit and write one. If it works out as it should, then blog posts will appear at 1 AM CST. If not, then I’ll try and get one churned out sometime around then. If that doesn’t happen, then, well, you knew I was going on vacation.

Since I’m here, let’s talk about vacations.

Vacations can either be really great for writing or really awful for it. It’s rare to see anything in between.

You’re either so busy that you get almost nothing (if anything) done, or you have so much free time and inspiration that you find yourself writing even more than you normally do.

I had a really, really productive vacation last summer, for example. In my downtime, I went to the hotel lobby and wrote by hand. What I wrote by hand would then be typed up on my phone (which does not have a keyboard or touch-screen), usually using only my right thumb because typing with both just felt awkward and weird to me, for my collaborator to see in a Facebook message. Yes, I had thumb pains afterward. That’s dedication.

I’ll be bringing my computer this time, so we’ll have to see if that speeds up the process.

Don’t get me wrong–I love writing by hand. Often, it’s easier to scratch things out and go back to them or write in the margins. I like being able to see the process I went through when I was writing–you can see lots of arrows being drawn everywhere to indicate a paragraph should go somewhere else and where I had a flash of inspiration to add a specific word to make something more vivid.

Now that I think about it, I just might bring a notebook or something………

I’m excited just thinking about it! I love being able to write in different environments. Sometimes, home is just a little too comfortable. It’s significantly harder to feel productive if you’re in pajamas. But if you’re sitting in the middle of public looking like you’re doing something? Totally different feel to it. I love it. I can actually feel my mouth watering. (I use this phrase a lot, and when I do use it, I am completely serious. I believe in sincerity and attempting to avoid hyperbole. If I’m saying it to you, then I mean it. Unless it’s obvious sarcasm. People have a hard time believing this because I’m seriously just really nice. >_< So nobody ever thinks I’m being honest with them when I give my opinion and it happens to be complimentary. I digress from the point. I’ll come back to this another time.)

Vacations are what you make them. If you need a break from writing (whether you realize it or not), then just take a break. There will always be time when you get back. If you know you don’t normally have time, then either find a way to make time during your vacation or do something different with your regular schedule so you’ll have time to write.

The point is effort.

I don’t want to keep beating this point into your brains, but I’m serious: If you want to be a writer, then you have to write. If you don’t want to put out the effort, then why are you bothering? Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you want to do something you’d don’t particularly care about.

Your assignment: Think about your last vacation. What did you do? Did you make time to write? Why or why not? Write a story in which you exaggerate every detail and eventually diverge into a story that doesn’t even come close to mirroring your experience. Did it rain? Write about how you met your true love because you were both soaking wet and ended up under the same bridge for shelter. Be creative. I know I just said I avoid hyperbole, but when it comes to creative writing, a really good story can come out of an experience that was moderately interesting at best. Stretch the story into something exciting that you’d see in a movie. Remember that this is not for the purpose of making family gatherings more interesting–this is creative writing.

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