Comfort Zones

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I’d like for you to blow up your comfort zone. Whatever you are right now, do something that totally defies it.

If you’re normally in the habit of doing things other people consider unusual, then try doing something you normally don’t do, that other people consider normal or even dull. (Draw a picture you won’t turn into a tattoo or something. Spend a day at home if you’re normally out and about. Watch a movie on a channel you normally have no interest in.)

For everyone else (My guess is that you’re the majority), dye your hair! Buy a shirt you normally wouldn’t wear! Wear high heels! Go to a club! Talk to strangers!

In the past year and a half, I have done a lot of out my comfort zone. My comfort zone is an odd shape–I like acting, but I also love to sit at home and don’t feel comfortable in large groups. Go figure. So my activities have mostly involved dying my hair and talking to people I normally wouldn’t talk to and actually leaving the house to go hang out with friends. Le gasp.

You don’t have to do anything radical. Just do things you normally wouldn’t do. Even better, do something that you normally judge other people for doing. Don’t drink? Think drunks are swine? Go get a drink. Put yourself on an even playing field. By doing something you normally disagree with, you can learn motivations and reactions of people who do these things. You can’t say that you’ve never done it and act all high and mighty about it because you’ve put yourself on the same level.

The more experiences you have, the more you can write about. If they say to write what you know, then know more. Constantly learn and try new things. Do things you won’t be able to get away with later on in life.

Experiment with everything. Life is too short to pretend like you’re better than other people for not doing certain things. We’re all equal. So put yourself in their shoes for a day. Keep an open mind about everything. Absorb everything you see.

Your assignment:  I’m pretty sure this whole post is an assignment… Go do something you normally don’t do. Remember that you’re not better than anyone else. And let go of your inhibitions. It’s time to learn.

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