(This is my picture. Not yours. And that stealing thing I mentioned before? We still understand each other that, right? Cool.)

So friends are actually pretty cool to have. Just saying.

If you know that one of your friends is moving away, then spend time with that person

Seriously. It should be a no-brainer.

You can sit at home and write and wonder if your friend is feeling lonely or like no one will miss him/her. Or you can make him/her feel loved and know that (s)he will be missed.

Love everyone you can.

Because you never know when you’ll regret not giving people your time.

Writing is important. But it can wait.

Life is out there. And it’s beckoning you.

Your assignment: Go spend time with a friend. If you both like to write, then write together. If not, then write about your favorite memories of friendship. Feel free to include memories that bring you pain. Life has its ups and downs. Don’t discredit any of them.

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