Car Trips

(There’s this thing called stealing? Really? I don’t believe I’ve heard of it. Have you? Oh, good, because stealing sounds like a really bad thing, and I can’t imagine any of you doing something like that.)

Road trip!

What do you do in the car on long trips?

Do you talk? Play games? Listen to music?


That’s right. Do you write when you go on a car ride?

If so, good! If not, why not?

What’s stopping you? If you have motion sickness, you’re mostly exempt. I still find a way to write when I’m in the car, even though my motion sickness medicine makes me very, very sleepy.

A car ride is one of the best places to write, especially if it’s a long one. Why? Because you’re trapped. Sad, but true.

You probably don’t have Internet. You can stare out the window for a while, but you’re more than likely going to want something to do for a while. Talking eventually stops. You can listen to music and write without issue. Car trip games don’t last forever (usually).

You have beautiful scenery and good friends/family with you. What’s more inspiring than that? Travel is a romantic idea and theme you can use. Almost all stories boil down to two things: 1. Someone new comes to town. 2. Someone goes on a journey (whether metaphorical or physical).

Well, you’re doing at least one of those while you’re traveling! Let it inspire you.

Your assignment: Write from the perspective of someone who has no interest in traveling. This person needs to be at least a little more open to it by the end of your work. Try to do this while in a vehicle if you’re not driving!

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