Having Pride vs. Bragging

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Okay, say this out loud: “I am a good writer.”

Now say it with conviction.

See how different it sounds? It’s all about confidence.

Now say it with the most obnoxious voice you can muster, except say you’re a “great writer.”

That’s the difference between having pride and bragging.

It’s okay to have pride in your work. If you’re good and get compliments, then you should be proud of it. You are honing a craft. Not everyone can do this.

But bragging is what people do when they are either too sure of themselves or not sure at all. They think they’re the greatest thing ever or want to be but haven’t been given any compliments.

I can say it with confidence, though. I know I can write better than most people. I consistently get told this. Does that make me better than them? Of course not. But it’s something to be proud of. However, I will not be rubbing it in anyone’s face. There’s the big difference.

If someone asks me what I do, then I will be more than happy to tell them about the awesome progress I’m making on my novel (Speaking of which, I wrote 2,255 words today. Just saying).

Bragging is when you are constantly talking about how you’re the greatest. Ask anyone you know if they think you brag. Make sure they’ll be totally honest with you. Do you have a friend who brags? Then my guess is that you probably don’t. (A good rule to live by is that there’s always someone who represents a particular stereotype in each group. If you don’t see them, then it’s probably you. The inverse is also true in most cases.)

Having pride and self-confidence is a good thing. It’s how you sell your work to people. If you don’t think it’s good, then why should they?

Your assignment: Write “I’m a good writer” on a sticky note and put it somewhere you’ll see it every single day without exception. Then, make yourself believe it. If that means you need to write for an hour every day, then do it. If that means you tell someone at least once a month about your writing, then do it. Whatever makes you feel confident in your abilities–do it. But remember moderation. Get out your pen and paper. It’s time to start writing.

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