Creative Energies

(This is a picture of part of a tree. To you, it may or may not be something special. But to me, it is a photo I took and like. So if you were to take it and use it without my permission, then that would pretty much be mean.)

Let’s talk about energy. No, I’m not being mystical or talking about exercise or whatever.

Creative energy. You know that rush of inspiration? The kind where you have an idea, and an hour later, you’re still writing and may or may not have any signs of stopping any time soon?

Those are pretty awesome. Sometimes they result in pretty good stuff. But they do need editing.

Yes, I know it’s your baby. You’re proud of it. It’s your beautiful brain-child.

You should really deal with it, though. Everything needs edited–even stuff that comes from awesome streaks of inspiration.

And what happens when you don’t have one the next day? Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

Don’t let it get you down. Just write something anyway, and inspiration may strike in a little while. It may not. You may not have a brilliant idea for weeks.

Deal with it. Just keep working. Always keep working. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a crappy writing day or a good one. It’s all going to get edited in the end.

If you’re not willing to edit it or part with some of your words, then you’re not dedicated enough. Words get thrown away all the time. You can store them for later use. But when you try to use them again, they seem awkward and out of place. Then you throw them away again.

As a writer, you are constantly going to be throwing away words. You are choosing specific words over other words every time you write. Just think of it that way the next time you have to part with a sentence you adored.

There will be better ones. Better phrases, better characters, better anything and everything.

Look forward to them. Because when you find them? DANG, does it feel good.

Your assignment: Write a poem about inspiration. Then write a short story from the perspective of your narrator from the poem. It doesn’t have to be about writing or anything. Let your creativity flow. Fall into a rhythm with it. Let the words cascade over your mind and onto the page. And don’t be afraid to edit it.

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