Happy Endings

(I’m too tired to come up with a creative way to tell you not to steal this. So I just hope you don’t.)

How do stories end?

Everybody dies, of course!

However, as a writer, you control what the last thing your readers see is. If you want to make people feel hopeful, then you leave things on a hopeful note. And so on.

Happy endings aren’t a bad thing. I just have a hard time writing them. They usually seem cliche when I try to write them. They just seem too … easy. I like stories where consequences are harsh and unexpected. Or maybe someone does something bad and has no consequences other than being an awful person. Those are fun, too.

You get to choose what your readers see. It’s a powerful position. Don’t abuse it. Make them think. Don’t let them off easy.

Writing fluff isn’t bad. I prefer to avoid it, but it’s a good way to teach yourself how to write.

And I’m tired and stuff, so I’m going to bed. This is your happy ending–not too much lecturing today.

Your assignment: Write a story that’s between 2 and 5 double-spaced pages. Pick your own ending. Use a character you’ve never used before.

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