(This is a little blurrier than I remember it being. 🙁 Nonetheless, please don’t steal it.)

Wow, you really don’t know how difficult headaches can make writing until you actually try it.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t manage to write while you have a headache.

I’ve been fighting mine all day. (Well, this is getting posted tomorrow, soooo… But still, you get the point.)

If you can manage some writing, then good for you. But seriously–just take something for it and try again the next day (or later if it goes away and you feel up to it).

This is probably going to be going on for the next few days, so please don’t mind it if the posts are a little … lackluster until I can get my body back on my side.

Your assignment: Write a short story where your character has someone shrink and go into their body to fight off some kind of virus or something. Not terribly original, but you can easily make it your own. This is your chance to put your own spin on an idea that’s been done before. Have fun with it!

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