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What is progress?

Moving forward? Moving forward positively? Moving backward but learning from it?

I won’t try to define something like that, but let’s talk about it in general terms today.

I’ve made progress. Not in much, but after finishing up the first book, I’ve begun moving forward again. I’ve got a subscription to the online Writer’s Market (plus last year’s enormous physical tome). I’m beginning to make edits to stuff that’s already been written. And, fairly importantly, I’m looking for agents. I’ve yet to write anyone, but I have someone in mind from my searches through Writer’s Market, and this person is looking to be my best option at this point. That said, I still have to do a lot more research before I make a final decision on who to write first.

Talk about daunting. There are a lot of agencies to sort through. A lot. But only some of them want the kind of stuff I’m writing. That helps narrow it down. But I still have to do more digging.

Please note how I’ve not mentioned concern about the agent I want to write. I think this person and I will get along well and that (s)he will like what I’ve written, so I have a really good feeling about him/her. So that’s looking good.

But ugh. Research is the hardest part. You have to go through the search and pull up a tab for a few agencies. Look at their description. Sound like they won’t murder me? Good! Go to their website. Then I copy and paste as much information as I would need to know if I were to choose to write them into a document. It’s already about 27 pages, and I’m only about a third done. :/

But that’s what progress is. I’ve taken a bit of a break from searching, but I’m going to get back on that horse soon, because I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t. Progress is knowing where you need to go and taking the steps to get there.

Crud. I said I wasn’t going to define it. Well, that’s what it is for me right now.

What’s your definition of progress? What kind(s) of progress have you made lately?

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