I am so sorry for dropping off like that again. I’m a bad person that way. 🙁

I’ve had a lot going on lately, so please stay tuned, and I’ll try to get onto some kind of schedule or at least post more often than in bursts like that.

Life happens. But try not to let it get in the way of your writing. I’ve honestly just been writing papers and stuff like that lately, so yes, I have been writing.

Plus, I’m going to send out my first-ever query letter to an agent today, so I’m pretty excited about that. (EDIT: I ended up getting delayed on that just a bit because of some last-minute editing.)

Sorry again for disappearing. Please just hang around until I can kind of get things together for myself.

In the meantime, try to find a different website with writing prompts every day for seven days. Do the prompt of each website you find that day and the current one (or a new randomized one) for each other website you’ve found earlier in the week.

So it’ll be something like this:

Day 1: Find Website A. Do the prompt.
Day 2: Find Website B. Do the prompt. Go to Website A and do its prompt for the day or randomize a new one.
Day 3: Find Website C. Do its prompt and then go back to Websites A and B and do their prompts for the day.

And so on. But just for one week. You can go longer if you want, and if you do, try to work your way up to an hour’s worth of writing from the prompts.

This is a good exercise if you need to learn to have more variety in your writing. Some places with writing prompts will have the same type of stuff every day. Branch out and find stuff that’s different.

Have fun. I’ll see you soon, my lovelies. 🙂 

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