For Agents

Hello! I’m hoping this will show up if you search for me on the Internet.

My name is Stephanie Tillman, and this is my blog. I know there are other Stephanie Tillmans out there, so I guess the likelihood of you finding this is low if I haven’t given you a link to it.

Perhaps this will help: The book I have finished and am trying to get published is The Divine Line. So if I’ve queried you and failed to mention this blog or have directed you here, then welcome! I’m glad you made it! And if you’re an agent who just happened to stumble upon my blog, then wow, I’m glad you’re here somehow, and welcome! Please take a look around in any case.

This is just a little place for me to talk about writing. I originally started it so I would post word counts every day so I could shame myself into writing, but I felt like it would be a better use of my time to help other people instead. If I can help one person write more just by having this blog, then I will feel fulfilled. I hope you will see how passionate I am about writing and consider me.

If you’re not an agent or a publisher or anyone else who cares about this, then you can pretty much ignore the bulk of this post. Sorry if I got your hopes up by having a post. Here’s a quick assignment for you: Spend some time thinking about your future as a writer. What are your plans for yourself? If you don’t have any plans right now, then start working on some. If you do have plans, then start working toward them. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

That is all for now! Please send me a message or a question if there’s anything you’d like to talk about or ask me.

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