Writing and Your Soul

I understand that there is a LOT I can say on this topic, so I’ll try to keep the wordiness to a minimum for today.

It would be easy to talk about the therapeutic nature of writing (I once wrote a 10-page paper on the topic), but that’s not what sparked the thought behind this post.

Your writing is a reflection of something in your soul. Now, don’t panic if you’ve written something super-dark and/or murderous. Behind every dark story is an underlying meaning that reflects a small part of you, whether it be loneliness or a need for attention–neither of which are bad things. But the point of the matter is that writing comes from your heart–can we all agree on this?

Of course we can. That’s why you’re here.

It has only been a few days since sending off my queries, and I have been nerve-wracked and riddled with anxiety since then. When you are selling your work, you are trying to sell yourself, to find out if someone judges that piece of your soul appropriate for consumption by readers.

There is nothing like the anxiety I have experienced these past few days. Is this big chunk of my soul good enough? When will I know? Most of the agents I queried (4 of the 6) won’t bother replying if they aren’t interested. And that’s okay, because they’re busy. But I don’t think they realize how awful it is for a writer to sit and wait that amount of time. We have to wait and find out our writing isn’t what you want the hard way: waiting. I would much rather receive a rejection letter. How long does that take to send out? I’m not really criticizing the system–just sincere curiosity.

Because now I have to wait and wait and wait. Two weeks for two of the agencies. If I don’t hear back by the end of the two weeks, then it’s no dice. But I won’t know until after the two weeks if I’ve been rejected. If I’m being considered, I’ll hear from them sooner, but when will that be? My soul is on the line, and all I can do is sit and wait. It is rare for me to feel this helpless. I guess that’s the cause of my anxiety. Helplessness. I hate feeling helpless.

But let the replies come as they may. Their reply may be silence, but that comes in loud and clear for me.

Think about your writing. How does it connect to your soul? What pieces of yourself are in your writing? Now write something that expands on those pieces. And then find someone to send it to. It can be a friend or family member. But try to get up the courage to see if you can market yourself–put your soul on the line and see if someone will take it and shine it up for you.

Be fearless, dear writers. I’m in the same boat as you.

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