Pleasant Surprises

I had just gotten to work about twenty minutes before. I was getting settled in and about to send a reminder to a girl whose work schedule had changed recently to remind her that she comes in tonight when it happens.

Buzz buzz. A little envelope icon pops up at the top of my screen that says “New e-mail” next to it.

New e-mail.

Heart stops.

Thump thump.

Now, why is that so heart-stopping? Because my e-mail account on my phone is solely for stuff related to agencies and publishing and such. So I’ve got a new reply

Heart pounding.

I stop with the message I’m typing, drop down the notification menu, and tap the screen. I can’t hear anything. All I care about is what is on that screen.

I see my query. I scroll down through the pages I sent them. It seems like so much material on my phone.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

Where is the bottom? Where is my reply??

Scrolling, scrolling.

There it is.

I see the word “declining.”

My heart sinks.

“Who is it this time?” I wonder.

Surprisingly enough, it’s from the people I had gotten the implied rejection from (the one I mentioned the other day).

Wow. It said that if they didn’t reply within two weeks, then they weren’t interested. I had already taken it as a “no.” Yet, two weeks after that two weeks, I get my reply. I had assumed I was done for on the 8th, the end of the initial two weeks. So, four weeks after sending it, I get my rejection letter. Which is pretty awesome.

Why? That’s the second rejection letter I’ve gotten from a place that said they weren’t even going to send one. I am being paid attention to. They took the time to formally reject me when they had no obligation whatsoever to do so. And that’s pretty cool.

So that’s rejection letter #6. Waiting for 5 more. I haven’t sent any more queries out yet. I’m still shopping around and seeing who will take me that I like. I’m not desperate yet, but I probably will start going directly to publishers and seeing what I can do.

This is far from over. And though this e-mail was a rejection, I’m still a little more hopeful now. People are listening. I just need to find the one person who likes what I have to say.

Go forth, my writers!

Find a way to give yourself hope. Get a sticky note and write something encouraging to yourself. Or get someone else to write it. Put it on your computer and/or another place that you spend a lot of time. Let yourself soak it in. Believe your message. And do something you wouldn’t have done without that confidence.

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