Okay, so I really need to get deeper into the social networking game. That means I need to post on this thing with more regularity.

How’s about a post per week? It would come out at the same time I normally have my queue for (12:30 PM CST) but every Wednesday.

If possible, that is. I really want to try and post more often on this. I’ve never had anything I posted on regularly before this blog, so it’s been a real challenge trying to do this. Sorry for all the weirdness of scheduling so far.

At latest, I want to start doing that this summer. My exams end on May 11, and my birthday is the day after, so it’ll be sometime after that. I’ll do what I can to start before then, but that’s not a guarantee.

In a perfect world, I’ll also be posting stuff other days, too. There was a writing prompt challenge I always try to start doing but continuously fail at, so I might try to post the results of it. It’s a deceptively simple thing: Write about silence for three minutes every day for a year. I’ve tried to do it a few times now but always let it go because of time. What I’d like to do is try to post the results of that every day if possible. And other stuff if I can. I’m asking a lot of myself. But I promise I’ll do what I can.

Does anyone have advice for getting yourself to post regularly on a blog?


Okay, so I’ve queued up about a month’s worth of posts. Not all of them are prompts, but a lot of them are. So what does that mean for this blog? It means that I don’t have big, fancy posts like what I normally post set up right now. I’ll still post those as often as I can, but they won’t be set up in the queue unless something drastically changes in my current set-up. If I have something specific to say for a particular day, I’ll just publish it as soon as I write it, which will probably be about as often as it is now. This just means that you will for sure have content every day for quite a while. That allows me to be a bit more leisurely about posting the big stuff so I don’t panic about, “OH MY GOSH. I HAVEN’T POSTED ANYTHING IN TWO WEEKS. AAAAH! I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY AT ALL!” So keep on reading and writing. Enjoy the posts I have queued up, and I will still try to post the big stuff as often as I can. It’s a lot less stressful, and it gives you guys a LOT more to read and write and do and see. 🙂 I hope you enjoy what I have lined up for you right now. Please give me feedback if you have something to say about anything.

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