Take a metaphor or simile. Now take it literally. Write a little something with your new idea about the metaphor/simile.

Here’s one from last fall I did:

“White as a Ghost” (Draft #3)

We meet at last,
after days and days
of silent exposition.

A chilling, bitter draft
lazily passes between us
as our eyes connect.

It’s been a long time coming.

I laugh coldly as I finally
get a good look at you
after all this time,
after we have
fought and fought
in our stupid stalemate,
a testament to our

What I see:

So pale you almost
blend right in.
Transparent in actions.
Incomplete somehow.
Floating but
motionless in the wind.
yet unaware.

Cannot see me,
cannot know me,
cannot touch me in any way.

You wander these halls,
lost and searching for wholeness,
unable to go beyond,
unable to find what you seek.

Pallid like a sickly moon. 

Hanging in the air
like an awaiting noose,
limply dangling
in the empty space
as you wait for
someone to fill the void,
fraying at the edges
and almost beginning to mold.

You would gather dust
if you were more sedentary.

No mischief.
No action.

You don’t react to
your surroundings;
you just exist within them.

So far gone my words
cannot reach you any longer.

And as I turn to leave,
I realize the humor
in our situation:

Each of us is
dead to the other.

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