Talk to someone.

Writing something big? Wanting to?

Find someone you know. Anyone.

Then talk to them about it. Give them your pitch for it.

Then let them ask questions about it. What have you not thought of? How can you incorporate it into your pitch and/or story?

Can they tell that you’re passionate about it?

I’ve never had anyone look at me like I’m some lowlife who will never get anywhere when I tell them I’m a writer, when I tell them what I’m working on. Why? Because I’m as passionate as you can get. They can tell I’m enthusiastic about my work and love to tell people about this big thing that I think everyone will love. It’s infectious. People I tell about my stories always want me to send them to them.

Why? Because I love what I do.

Sure, I procrastinate and worry, but believe me when I say that my projects are my babies. They are my children, and I can brag about them just as much as any parent can about their honor student.

Are you at that point yet? Can you talk about your projects like they’re your children?

If not, why not? Can you see yourself getting there someday? Why or why not?

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