When in doubt, write more.

That’s some personal advice directly from me to you.

(Looking back at this not long after posting it, I realized it sounded kinda bad. I can honestly assure you that I’m the only person working this blog and will link if it’s not my content originally. What I was getting at is that not all advice has to be full of reasons and explanations. Sometimes the best advice comes directly from the heart in the form of a simple sentence or two that require no extra help. And that’s all this was. Sorry if that caused anyone confusion. I’m pretty sure there’s no one else awake who reads this blog, and no one’s commented, but as much as I like to emphasize clarity, I felt it wrong not to clarify. And now I’ve defeated the whole purpose of simple, direct advice. In any case, I am so happy you’re still here, dear readers–make no mistake of that. 🙂

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