I’ve always been giving things a name. I have this very old horse plush. And even at a very young age, I knew it needed a name. But I could never seem to find one that fit how much I loved this horse. What could possibly be appropriate for the best stuffed animal ever? And so it went nameless. And it’s still nameless. I am incapable of thinking of a name for this horse. And I guess I don’t want to mess with that now. It’s just the horse that I’ve always loved. He’s sitting in a basket (Yeah, I guess the horse is a “he”) in my room on top of a bookcase, and he’s pretty happy there. So there’s that.

The point is that I’m bad at giving names. I generally just end up looking for a name that fits a main character trait of the character, and that feels cheap somehow. I mean, it works and all, but it feels like I should be better at coming up with names. No names ever seem to fit the characters I create.

Find some characters you’ve made that don’t have names right now. Figure out names for them. If you don’t have any of those lying around, make some.

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