Guilty Pleasures

I don’t think anything artistic should be considered a guilty pleasure.

If you like to read Twilight or listen to Justin Bieber music, I don’t care. If you enjoy it, it’s your business. I might ask you what it is you like about it so I can understand you or the thing in question better.

What do you consider a guilty pleasure? Why do you feel guilty about liking it? Dig deep and consider the question.

Why should you feel shameful about anything you like? Everybody is different. We have different minds, preferences, and experiences. Nobody can expect any certain thing to be universally liked. So why is it so terrible to like something other people don’t? There are bound to be other people like you.

Instead of dealing with negative people, seek out people who like what you do. It’s fine to have intellectual debates, but mainstream things like popular books or popular music tend to have people who hate it and don’t want to have a discussion of its good and bad qualities. Enjoy the discussions you can have with both sides of the fence. Don’t surround yourself with “yes men” but don’t let the haters get to you.

I’ve always felt this way, but there was a member of a band that had said this wonderful thing about how people shouldn’t feel guilty for liking music any more than they should for liking their favorite food. I can’t remember who it was, so I can’t find the quote at all. If you can find it, please send it to me!

The point of this post is that whether you like to read/write romance or fantasy or anything else, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for it. They’re your tastes, and you have the right to have them. No one can take that from you if you don’t let them. Hold that dear to your heart and never forget it.

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