Is writer’s block real?

I just read this article:

And it’s kinda right–the last part especially. The best way to defeat supposed writer’s block is to write. I’ve found that on days when I’m stuck, if I start writing, it’s not half-bad stuff.

Sometimes, what you have to do is just start writing nonsense. In fact, in a creative writing class I took in high school, we had timed writing periods. If we couldn’t think of anything to say, we had to write anyway, even if it was “I can’t think of anything to say” over and over. Usually, if you had one of those days, just writing words started the creativity. It never took long.

If you find yourself wanting to write but not knowing what to say, just start saying whatever comes off the top of your head. Anything, everything. Just write. Describe what’s in your room. Talk about the tiniest details of what you did that day. Type nonsense. And the writer’s block will work itself out eventually. Something will stick in your head as something of interest or something that could lead to something else that’s more interesting. And it will be taken care of.

So is writer’s block a myth? I don’t think so. It is a real thing. But the cure is quite simple. Creativity doesn’t always come exactly when you want it to. The point is making the effort.

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