Is your own writing boring you?

Ever have an idea for a story, start writing it, and then it starts to seem terrible?

Like, nothing is happening at all in your story. It’s total crap.

What do you do?

Keep writing.

I wrote almost 1,500 words one night without stopping but for two minutes because someone wanted to tell me something. Why? Because I was waiting for the story to get better.

I had the character and knew what she wanted. I liked her. I liked her setting and her thought process. But I had no idea how to give her a story that led to her getting what she wanted. I was as confused as she was. But it wasn’t working. So I did a time jump. Jumped past to her thinking in bed on how to get what she wanted. It still wasn’t working. So I did another time jump and made her go to school. I let her just be herself for a bit when I landed on something. She had a guy she liked. But he’s not accessible to her. The good thing was that it gave her another desire: a desire for his attention. It’s a little more in her grasp. Plus, it let me get out of doing research for a little bit. And it gave me something more interesting than her doing research on the Internet to write about.

What I’m getting at is that you can’t give up on your stories if they start to seem boring. Just keep writing them. You can cut the crap out later. If you like the concept, don’t ditch it. Just keep working. Eventually you’ll uncover some part of it you enjoy writing and think others like you will enjoy reading.

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