Unique Character Traits

So let’s say you want to make a character that really stands out as different from your other characters. Sure, you have a diverse cast, and you can tell them apart when they speak, even if there aren’t dialogue tags. But you have one character that shines above the rest. How do you show that?

Just come up with something unusual.

Maybe they like to wear polka dot shirts with striped skirts.

Maybe they don’t dress according to the gender ideas of where they live.

Maybe they moved to a new place and would rather wallow and watch people out their window than go out and actually meet their neighbors.

Maybe they have a twin that they hate.

Maybe they want to take over the world using nothing but paper clips and toothpaste.

Maybe they only watch cartoons and can’t identify with people in anything live-action.

Maybe they try to recycle stuff that the local recycling places won’t take (cellophane, cardboard, candy wrappers, toothbrushes, tissues, glitter, lip balm).

Maybe they’re deathly allergic to cats and try to adopt one anyway and desperately must hide this fact from their friends and family.

Maybe they throw up every time they see something green.

Maybe they go sky-diving all the time even though they’re afraid of heights.

Think about stereotypes and subvert them in unusual ways. Don’t just make them be the opposite of their stereotype. Make them go in a totally different direction.

Don’t be afraid. Unique characters are fun to write. You just have to find out how to make them that way. 

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