Autobiographical Stories

Do you ever feel like writing about your life in the form of short stories? That’s called creative non-fiction!

Do not bring these stories to a creative writing class, unless your professor has specifically requested autobiographical stuff. Why is that?

Because your classmates will comment on the characters and their actions. And you can’t help but take it personally. “I don’t think someone would actually do that–it’s too mean.” “This main character has no personality at all!”

Anything they say about you and the people you included in the story will be too close to home for you to accept their criticisms objectively. You might even end up spending the whole time debating and trying to get them to ease up on you.

Creative writing classes are for fiction, unless stated otherwise. Keep your personal life out of the stories. You can include stuff that has happened to you, but remember–it’s supposed to be fiction and will be taken that way by your classmates.

There is a time and a place for everything. As a writer, it is up to you and you alone to figure out what those times and places are.

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