Revisiting the Comfort Zone

Certain words and ideas make people really uncomfortable.

Make a list of words and phrases that make you uncomfortable. Tear them into strips, put them into a hat, and draw one out.

That’s your title. Write a story that uses that word or phrase as a title.

I know what you’re thinking–“No way!”

Yes way. Seriously. You need to do it. I dare you to use “Fetus” as a title. I freakin’ dare you.

“Oh, I don’t want to waste paper!” – Here’s the thing: You don’t have to! You can make a numbered list in your preferred word processor, go to, enter the range of numbers in your list (1-10, etc.), and whatever number you receive is the title you go with! There you go! Not a bit of paper wasted! You’re welcome!

You can deal with your comfort zone in many ways as an author. This is just one of them. Sometimes, you just have to tackle a subject you feel weird talking about. And you just might understand yourself and the topic a little better afterward. Give it a shot. You don’t know what you might learn. But why am I still talking? You’ll either do it or you won’t. And nothing I say at this point will change your mind. It’s up to you to grow as an author, and only you can make that choice.

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