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Hey, everybody. The new post-creation process is pretty terrible now. It is making it very difficult to upload some stuff that I really want to post. So I’ve contacted Tumblr to see if they’ll at least give us the option to use the old post-creation page.

I don’t like feeling restricted to this little box. Sure, it expands, but having the stuff in my dash in the background is really distracting (especially if it’s something I don’t want to look at on the Tumblr Radar or an animated gif), and it looks weird and bad.

So nothing fun today. Not when I’m this irritable about the new format. If you want the freedom to choose which way you create posts, I really encourage you to contact Tumblr, too. And don’t just say that you hate it. Explain why. We deserve to have our opinion heard when no one was asking for this update.

I’m trying to make this post as comprehensive as possible, so potential solutions, the rest of my grievances (as well as a disclaimer about such), and side notes all await you below.

Also, I wrote Tumblr staff before I started work on this post, so feel free to link it to them or whatnot. I have no idea if they look through the tags or not. I don’t want to be a butt and send them two messages in one day, especially since the first one was a bit lengthy (though not so much when compared to the final draft of this one).

There is a petition to return to the old Tumblr here:

Interested in a boycott? Information here:

The old Tumblr posting system still works on Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, so give one of those a try if you need to. And I’ve heard a few saying that there’s a Google Chrome extension called “User-Agent Switcher” that will allow you to use the old method. I haven’t tried either of these myself, but I’m letting you know in case you want to give either one a shot.

Queuing a post and editing it from the queue makes it a little easier to post if you don’t want to deal with your dashboard while posting.

Other problems with the new format:

  • I don’t want to see the number in parentheses while I’m working on a post. That too is distracting. There is no need for us to be wondering what’s shown up on our dashboard while we’re working on content.
  • I honestly just hate the faded stuff in the background and in the creator itself. A good layout is crisp and clear.
  • It would not be difficult to have the option for either way. Why don’t we have that choice?
  • I’ve seen people saying that their notecount is bugging so that it takes them to the top of the page instead of showing the notes.
  • The page lags a bit because of the additional stuff on the page.
  • There’s no need for it. I have never heard anyone complaining about the posting process before. I’m not one of those people that blindly hates change. This is aesthetically terrible. I can’t pick out anything that’s good about it.
  • Apparently it’s harder to reblog stuff? I’ve seen that complaint a few times but haven’t tried it myself. Websites should be user-friendly; any changes that make them less so are not good changes. Tumblr, your job is to make sure we come back for more. Why would you make changes that make people want to find a new home for their blog?
  • On the topic of reblogging, I’ve also seen people saying that they can’t edit text posts if you’re reblogging. That is not okay. I have OCD, so if I’m going to reblog something, you can bet I’m going to fix the errors. If I can’t fix the errors, I will not reblog it. I might discuss it and link to it instead. But will someone else do the same? The goal is to keep credit where it’s due. In addition, I like reblogging posts and writing my own commentary on them and how they relate to what I want to say with this blog. Being unable to do that is frankly annoying, because just posting something without your own spin on it isn’t terribly creative. I aim to inspire creativity.
  • The posts aren’t going to show up in this squished-looking format; why should the way we create them be this massively squished? I personally prefer to look at posts on the actual blog instead of my dashboard, so I don’t know how many people will agree with this.
  • It’s more of a pain in the butt to preview a post. Previewing is not the same as creating or saving, and I actually panicked for a minute when I thought the button wasn’t there anymore. Sure, I checked the drop-down list, but I sincerely didn’t even expect to see it because it doesn’t make sense for it to be there. (This one is probably just me.)
  • We can’t choose whether replies are allowed or not. I think having that option is important so our readers can connect with us more easily.
  • Quite a few people are having trouble using the mobile site now. And that’s not good.
  • Abrupt and unneeded changes are the kind of thing that Facebook does. Users’ opinions should be asked first. We love Tumblr and want it to be good. If we were asked what we wanted, then we would be a lot happier.
  • I miss being able to click anywhere I want in the tag box to add new tags.
  • The photo-addition box is glitchy and just doesn’t work very well. I couldn’t do a caption that was the text from the image so that people who need a text-reader wouldn’t miss out on the text, because I thought it was good information. More on accessibility problems here (and in a later bullet point):
  • If there are new posts in my dash while I’m typing, then I’ll suddenly get dragged up to the top of the page when I’m done. Talk about disconcerting.
  • I don’t understand why the subject line and post box need to be so close together. It’s not streamlined–it’s squished.
  • Apparently you can’t see the tags you track on the side anymore? I’ve seen this listed as a concern as well, but I don’t follow tags, so I have no clue.
  • I’ve also seen someone post a screenshot of an e-mail that just lists your new followers, instead of giving an individual one for each new follower. It’s impersonal and makes it seem like your followers are numbers, not real people.
  • Scrolling up and down with such a thin box is pointless and annoying. There’s too much scrolling now. I don’t like feeling like I’m discouraged from making long posts. I like big posts, and I cannot lie…
  • Starting a new post on a new page is pretty much guaranteed to work as long as you have a working Internet connection. But when you start trying to layer things and make things appear magically on the page, you just know that someone’s going to have trouble with it in their browser.
  • If I accidentally highlight something, it creates a dark grey (but transparent) box where the accidental highlight was.
  • Creating posts should not be as awful as it has become. Tumblr should encourage creativity and making your own content. But I’m just stepping back and going, “Do I really want to put up with this stupid text box in order to put this on my blog? Is this important enough to put up with that?” I want to have content on here every day. You deserve that. But I’m going to be much less inclined to go on queuing sprees if this format stays in place.
  • People who have written excellent, reasonable posts about the real issues of the update:
  • A brief quote from the last post linked to in the above bullet: “In their words: ‘We’ve reduced creation on Tumblr to its essence’

    Huh??? You don’t reduce creation. You expand it by giving users more tools to express themselves, not fewer.”

  • A screenshot of what the new system is doing to some people:
  • Why else do I like having a separate page for making a new post (as if I haven’t made my case already)? I go from my dashboard to the new post and then back to the dashboard. All in one tab. I don’t need a separate tab to make a post in. But I don’t want my new post on top of my dashboard. Posting and reading posts are two separate functions and should not be on the same page. I don’t like doing them at the same time because I prefer to focus on the post I’m working on and do it all at once instead of in bursts. But I also like being able to leave it up as a page so I can edit it over a period of time while I’m still researching. Having the dashboard underneath that will make my computer hot because it’s having to run all this extra stuff that it shouldn’t need to. I want to post. I don’t want to have all these things that I’m not looking at just hanging out on the page and being a nuisance that’s just plain in the way, not doing anyone any good at all. You can’t really read the posts on your dash when they’re faded like that, so why have them visible at all?

If anyone has a method of going back to the old format, please let me know. I’d really like to be able to post on Chrome again. (I’m not sure if I want to use an extension.)

Side note: I don’t think I fully have the new Tumblr. I saw a screenshot and some other comments that don’t apply to what I have right now (such as ads now being on Tumblr). My major issue at the moment is the new posting format. That is what I have issues with. I’ll be happy to say stuff about the full new Tumblr once I have it, but I’m keeping my mouth shut for the time being. I did hear one nice thing about the new Tumblr: Apparently you get informed when someone replies to your ask. And that’s pretty awesome. I’d love to have that. But we really don’t need this other stuff. Honest.

And something I’d love to see in an update is an option to disable autoplayers on blogs. I like to listen to music while I browse the Internet, so it’s very disconcerting when there’s suddenly a second (or even a third) stream of music assaulting me. Especially if I have multiple tabs open and am not sure where it’s coming from.

Other complaints that I’ve seen include (but are not limited to) being told that their post is going to an invalid tumbelog, that the person they are reblogging from isn’t valid, that they can’t open posts in a new tab from their dash, that they can’t publicly publish asks (though that’s a function issue, not a technical one), that their audio files are no longer uploading properly, and that their post is declared to be empty when they try to post it.

The Daily Dot hits the nail right on the head of what I think is important in their last paragraph of an article regarding the updates (

“I think it is crucial that Tumblr take care of their content creators,” Grelle said. “They should work to make this the best possible place for people to post things they make. If Tumblr could shift the perception from a place where people mostly repost things, to a place where things originate, I think they would leave their competitors in the dust.”

The updates discourage that very idea. The updates want us to keep our content short and regurgitated from other people. They want us to sit in the same stuff that’s been circling for ages instead of making new things to share with others. If they really wanted us to create things, then why would they make content creation so aggravating?

Disclaimers: I know that some of my grievances may seem petty. But I wouldn’t list them if they weren’t important to me. We all have different priorities. I’m simply expressing mine. I think quite a few of these are universal, though.

And I am not responsible for the content of the pages I have linked to. If the content on other pages of the blogs I have linked to are not appropriate in your eyes, don’t take it up with me. I didn’t poke around on them very much, so I have very little idea what you can expect to see on their blogs.

I have not used any extensions or add-ons for Tumblr whatsoever at any point in time. I also know very little about them, but the names I’m seeing are Missing E, Tumblr Savior, and XKit. It seems that Missing E is the main one that is having issues with the updates. I don’t really know more than that. There are other people that actually know what they’re talking about that have tagged their posts with the name of the add-ons and extensions, so don’t hesitate to poke around those tags if you need more information on the problems they are having. This post is written from the perspective of someone who has not used these extras, so no, I’m not mad about losing the features they provide.

For more information on errors and anything else, just look around the “Tumblr update” tag and some of the other tags I’ve used in this post (which I admit are quite few in number).

For those of you saying to quit complaining because Tumblr isn’t exactly how you personally want it: If you notice the above portion of the post, I am listing actual, legitimate issues with the website. I am not typing this while fuming over my keyboard. I am trying to rationally explain the issues that the update has caused. As I said in one of the above paragraphs, I know that my complaints don’t apply to everyone. But there are certain issues that objectively detract from the quality of the website.

Websites should not make things more difficult for their users. Changes that make the website a pain in the butt to use are not good changes. Tumblr has been very streamlined since I joined, and now it feels very disjointed and ill-planned. Disagree if you want, but Tumblr deserves far better than this shoddy update that has made things more annoying to use.

To those who would ask why I’ve spent so much time to make this post this enormous: Because I care. I legitimately like Tumblr a lot. I think it’s really great. It’s always been a superb platform for blogging for me. It works efficiently. I’m trying to make my way into the world of publishing, and I realized that starting my blog about writing would be more easily accessed here. It suits my needs and desires. It allows me to connect with my followers and find new ones with tags. It allows me to spend my time teaching other people all the things I wish I’d known when I was in their shoes.

There are way more people on Tumblr than on most other blogging platforms. I can reach more people this way. I want to reach people and help them out. I love writing and teaching. I’m on my way to becoming a creative writing professor. I’m trying to get published. Tumblr is a really great place for people like me. I want to share my knowledge with people, and Tumblr has always said, “Okay! Here you go! See how many people’s lives you can touch!”

And now? Tumblr’s saying that it doesn’t matter if making posts is easy anymore. The developers said they want to reduce creation. That is not even remotely okay. Tumblr is an excellent avenue for creativity, and now they’re saying that they don’t want us to create? What the world needs now is more creators. The world runs on entertainment. People’s lives run on what entertainment they consume and create.

Life needs more beauty. The world needs more people who are willing to stop and create things that affect people. There are so many people in the world who have been inspired by something they read or saw, and they made a change in the world because of it.

What is our world if we do not create? What is our world if we only consume and regurgitate what has already been made and seen and done?

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