Why Writing Matters

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but let’s talk about it nonetheless.

What was the book that caused you to want to read more books? Personally, I don’t actually remember. I started reading as soon as I was able and just haven’t stopped since. Reading had always been encouraged in my household, so reading was as natural as eating dinner. It was just something you did and enjoyed.

I started volunteering at my local public library at age 9 and still do today. I love to help other children who aren’t being encouraged the same way I was. Reading is important! It encourages critical thinking and creates lots and lots of empathy.

And for these reasons, writing is important. Whatever books made you feel something, whatever books made you think, whatever books made you want more–these are the foundations of who you are. Writing is important so that the people of today and of the future can have the same experiences that you have had.

Write the book you would want to read, and it will affect someone as much as what you have read has affected you.

We are the creators of cause and effect. If you love to read and want to bring that joy to others, then you must write. It is your honor, your duty, and your pleasure. The world asks little more of you. Contribute to society the way the authors before you have done. We are next in line. We are the ones responsible for creating the next generation of readers.

Do not be intimidated. Do not even think about it beyond this post. Just do it. Just get writing, and the rest will follow.

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