Good Enough?

I often wonder if I’m good enough.

Good enough for what?

Anything, really.

I’m terrible at everything, it seems.

And there isn’t always someone to tell you that you’re not terrible. There isn’t always someone to tell you how to get better.

Sometimes, you have to do these things on your own.

You have to want to be better. You have to seek out advice and figure out what you can change and do.

But here’s the catch: You can’t just hope to be good enough to get published or good reviews.

You need to be great.

“Good enough” is for suckers. It’s for people who don’t really want it. It’s for people who want to pretend that they are interested in something. It’s for people who do their homework at the last minute because they aren’t interested in the subject matter. It’s for people who want a high GPA, not  actual knowledge.

“Good enough” speaks of desperation. It speaks of cries out for love and attention.







End of subject.

And if you’re not better than that, then why are you here? Why are you still reading this? Why are you still interested in being a writer?

Because if you want to be a writer, you have to be better than that. Eat or be eaten. There are people who want to be wonderful writers, and all you want is to be “good enough”? Do you know how pathetic that sounds? It sure sounds like you don’t really care about the quality of your writing. You just want positive reviews without the effort.

Be better than that. If you want to be a better writer, then be a better writer. Figure out what you’re doing wrong and fix it. Act like a professional. Do you think professional writers sit on the sidelines and hope that someone will like their article from three years ago? No. They keep on writing more articles so they can improve.

No one cares about what you wrote before if you aren’t trying to market or improve it. If you are trying to market without improving it, then you’re not going to get anywhere. And if you do get somewhere, you will be the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. Congrats. I hope you like it there.

If you’re trying to improve it, then get up off Tumblr and start finding out how the pros act. Sure, you can find a lot of advice here, especially if you go back through my archives. But if I’m your only source of information, then you’re not trying hard enough.

Now, here is where a nice blogger would provide you with resources and places to start.

But I’m a mean blogger. I want you to work for it. Go to your preferred search engine and look for yourself. Pick and choose what you think will help you the most. Don’t just look at the ones that tell you that you’re wonderful and doing everything right. Find the ones that will make you a better writer.

Writing is not a spectator sport.

Don’t sit on the sidelines.

And never settle for “good enough.”

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