Writing Prompts

Find a pair of black dress socks and do as many of these prompts as you can:

1. Research the invention of socks.

2. Write a short story where socks make an appearance.

3. Write a poem that begins or ends with the word “socks.”

4. Write about your ideal pair of socks.

5. Write about where missing socks go.

6. If you were a creature living inside a sock, what would you be and do?

7. Write about the positive smells associated with socks.

8. Write a poem about how socks feel (texture-wise) without using the word “sock.”

9. Research and write about how socks are made.

10. Write an origin story for socks (in the same vein as stories about how leopards got their spots).

11. Design a character that would wear these socks often.

12. Why are certain socks different colors and fabrics?

13. What would your socks say if they came to life?

14. Research the different lengths of socks.

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