I Promise I’m Not a Murderer: The Story of a Researching Writer

now with a sequel:

I Swear I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Naming Characters

Don’t forget: I’m not Trying to Break Into This Building, I Just Need to Know the Layout of it

The Sequel: I’m Really Not Poisoning Anyone, I Just Need To Know The Symptoms OF Poisoning And How Long They WOULD Take To Die From It.

Additionally: Please Don’t Put Me In A CIA Prison, I’m Just Trying To Figure Out How A Character Could Sneak Into Afghanistan From Pakistan While Avoiding the Border Police and the US Military.

Spinoff: I’m Not a Terrorist, I’m Just Curious About How Bombs Work

The sequel to the spinoff: Prison Is Awesome for Research: (subtitle/tagline) I wish I had my notebook!


Okay, I’m not actually very funny. But seriously, I feel like a really awful person when doing research at times.

Do other people take breaks in between researching, or do you do it all at once so you won’t have to go back to it?

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