Rapid Prompt


(Meta-note: What I’ve decided to do is have the 1000th post be the beginning of the post-per-hour festival, so yes, I see my post count going up and know that it is coming up. 😛 I’m working on a syllabus and poems and a bunch of other stuff right now and figure that that will be the best way to work with my hectic schedule at the moment. There are fewer than 20 posts remaining until then! Get excited! I have a poem prepped in my drafts that will go up that day. I have some other resources ready to go. I’m going to get a whole bunch of prompts and quotes together, and then I’m going to write some motivational posts and then at least one post about myself–as per request. I don’t have everything set in stone yet; I still gotta look over the suggestions/requests again and figure out what order things should go in.

If you’re still reading at this point, then please answer a question for me. What should be the content of the 1000th post itself? I have a bunch of stuff planned to go around it, but I really want the 1000th post itself to be quite special in some capacity. Does a motivational post sound good?)

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