Where can I submit things so people can give me feedback? I write poetry and I’m currently taking a course on it and my final portfolio is due next week. I was hoping to get some honest feedback so I can make some edits! Thank you!

Great question! Good luck on your portfolio! I’d be happy to take a short piece once I finish looking at the other two pieces I have waiting on me.

Because I’m incredibly unobservant, I don’t really notice much who actually critiques writing, but looking at some of the blogs I recently followed, I found out that a few seem like they’d be open to looking at your stuff.


And here are some great ones I found on a list made by createandnarrate:



Writing Help

ANC Writing Resources

Clever Girl Helps

Fix Your Writing Habits

How To Fight Write

I Dare You to Write

It’s a Writer Thing

Legit Writing Tips

Late Night Novel Writing

Max Kirin

The Writing Cafe

The Writers Helpers

The UnNovelist


Write World

Writers Relief

Writing Questions Answered

Write Like a Freak

Writers Yoga

Yeah Write

Literature and Books

Teaching Literacy

Books and a Hot Beverage

Write to the Stars

Books and Publishing

I definitely follow some of these already, and I really recommend all of them.

This isn’t to say that I don’t follow a bunch of great writing blogs! These are just ones that are recommended and offer to help people with a variety of things related to writing.

Before you message any of them, be sure to check their ask policies and FAQs.

Above all, as writers, we should aim to be courteous and considerate of other people. If they don’t critique works, then that’s their personal business, and you have to respect that. 🙂 (I’m not saying you wouldn’t–just a general note/reminder to all of us!)

If anyone sees this and wants to help, please do shoot her a message. <3

Best of luck! I hope this helps! 😀

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