Hi there! I just wanted your opinion on something, if that’s okay. A while ago, I got a good idea for a story that I’ve been writing as short story parts. I’ve been posting it online and a few people like it! Now, just recently I asked my boyfriend if he could read it, just to see if he had any advice since he writes too. He had a good set of suggestions that I really want to apply, but it changes the format of the story I’ve done thus far. Should I write two versions? Or change the one totally?

Hi! I’m happy to help. 🙂

Remember that it is YOUR story, not his. Since he is also a writer, he is going to want to write differently from you, because he as an individual will not write the exact same way that you do.

That in mind, it can also be good to hear a perspective from another writer.

I would try implementing the changes in one copy and not implementing them in another copy.

As time goes on with working on both of them, you’ll find yourself gravitating toward one or the other. One of them will prove to be your favorite, even if it’s just by a little bit.

Trust your instincts, and if you’re not sure what they’re telling you, then just step back and try it both ways. You’ll know what to do. 🙂


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