Resource: Writing The Future

So you want to write about the future. Whether it’s a dystopia, a utopia, or somewhere in between (perhaps hover-boards finally?), futuristic novels and stories are extremely popular today. But, as with all saturated markets, this comes as a double edged sword; you are sure to have a market, but you also must make sure that you’re writing something new, fresh, and original. Do not repeat the “futures” of the past (ha), but find a new spin on an old tale. Here are some resources I hope will help you to write a great new story set far into the future. 

General Futuristic Writing: 

How to Write a Dystopia:

How to Write a Utopia: 

As always, most of these sources will just help you to set the scene: create your world and the motivations of the people living in it. They will not, however, teach you how to make the characters themselves. Futuristic characters are no different than the characters of today—they simply have better technology and different motivations. You still must focus on their own personal psychology, wants, needs, and interests. 

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