A Quick Note

Hey, I posted about therapy/counseling earlier, and I realized that the ratio of likes and reblogs was a little skewed. This isn’t to say that I really want more reblogs, but I realize now that it is a pretty personal subject, and it’s possible that people are not reblogging it out of respect for me and my privacy. If that is the case, then please do not worry about that. 🙂 (at least for that post, haha!)

I think it’s important to share our experiences with each other, and there are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable talking about it. But I am, and I want to provide for people who have questions so that people who aren’t comfortable won’t be forced to discuss something that affects them so strongly.

I generally know my limits and will generally avoid publicly posting about something that I’m concerned about other people seeing. If I have publicly posted it and did not say not to reblog it, then you are perfectly free to reblog it.

If I’m not sure if I want it reblogged, then I’ll be sure to say so on the post itself.

And if you’re still not sure? Please feel free to ask me about it!

I feel like it is my responsibility, as someone with thousands of followers, to ensure that everyone can get the information and guidance that they need–whether it’s in matters of writing or otherwise.

You are more than welcome to reblog and like as you please. 🙂

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