“Writer Self-Test:
Are You Missing New Opportunities For Success?

Take this quick self-test now to see if you are making the most of opportunities you have–and are creating even more opportunities for success. How many can you answer ‘yes’ to?

1. Do I carry a notebook? Yes or No
Carry a notebook, a digital recorder, or even your smartphone and you’ll never miss a creative opportunity again.

2. Have I attended writing conferences? Yes or No
At a conference, you’ll make important connections and pick up career-changing insider tips.

3. Am I submitting work like a professional? Yes or No
This means researching markets, making submissions regularly, and tracking your efforts.

4. Do I have a positive attitude? Yes or No
A negative attitude sees only problems, rejections, and barriers.
A positive, optimistic attitude will hel pyou see opportunities clearly.

5. Am I actively learning new things? Yes or No
Take a class you wouldn’t normally take.
Read a book you wouldn’t normally read.

6. Do I believe in myself? Yes or No
If you believe in yourself, others will too.
Be brave and go after every opportunity!”


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