(Study)Habit Apps


So I ask you about apps you know to organise and control (study)habits. I got a few nice hints that I want to share with you – the ranking has nothing to do with my opinion. 🙂 

1. Habitica – these one is a website plus an app for iOS and android. The makers promote it with “Your Life the Role Playing Game” and that’s what it is about. You have daily tasks you need to accomplish to get rewards and you even get punishments if you fail or forget something. And you have bars that show you how much you accomplished of a task! 

2. Mystudylife – these one is as well a website and an app for iOS, android and windows phone/8. It’s like an online calendar which promises to be better than your normal homework diary, bullet journal, etc.. You can set exam dates, due dates and plan your studying plus the app sends you notifications for tasks, due dates, classes, etc.. And you can also change the progress you’ve made on each task from 0 -100% and add notes.

3. iProcrastinate – it’s a program for Mac which is similar to wunderlist but more focused on work related tasks. You can set the tasks on “not started”, “in process” and “completed” and you can set steps for your task. 

4. Rewire – an app for android to build and keep up habits. You can set task, get notifications and statistics about your progress. 

5. HabitBull – an app for iOS and android similar to Rewire. You can as well set task, get notifications and get statistics about your progress plus you can have different calendars for different habits. 

6. Lanes – a website for tasks in the near future. You can have daily to do lists. I saved it as my homepage so I can see tasks I have for the day directly when I open my browser. 

I hope that helps a little and I will definitely try them and see if they work for me or if I stay with my paper planner. Have fun trying these! 😉

With the semester starting up, here are some things that might help you keep on top of your work. 🙂 And even if you’re not in school, you can use these for job or personal projects or whatever else!

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