reminder that it’s okay for writers to have chapters that are ten pages long

reminder that it’s okay if your chapter is only one page long

reminder that it’s okay if your chapter is only one sentence long

as long as you can get across the point of your chapter, be it with ten thousand words, or just ten, then you do it. 

your book is yours to write. there is no set formula.

There are some authors who have chapters that are only two or three pages. Sometimes shorter!

Think of chapters like an episode of a television show. Some chapters will have cliffhangers. Some chapters will be deep and serious, while other chapters may be shallow and silly. Some chapters will need three times the amount of space and breathing room from your other (like a two-part episode in a show).

It’s like starting a new paragraph in an essay–you’re changing gears and moving to a different segment.

Some days, you need to get up and move and go outside. Some days, you need to stay indoors and drink hot chocolate and watch stupid movies. Your chapters have the right to go back and forth between whatever styles your story needs in order to be told.

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