My best NaNoWriMo typos so far…


I’ve been keeping a running list of the ones that made me laugh the most. Enjoy, haha.

“I’m tired of this carp.” (Me, too. I mean… who likes carp, anyway? They’re fugly fishies.)

“You are so dunk right now.” (He’s not the only one, sweetheart.)

drank the warter (Is it contagious?!)

He slipped his arms around her waste. (Eeeew, how unromantic.)

therapy fog (How… exactly… does that work?)

She threw her arms around his neck and jugged him tight. (I don’t know what this means, but it sounds painful.)

Sit happens.” (Unless he’s talking to the dog, this makes no sense.)

“He has no right to be that frustrated. I just don’t get tit.” (Um, wow. Sounds like you should be the one who’s frustrated…)

“It’s just a little farter.” (Well, get rid of it!)
Back labs are gorgeous dogs, aren’t they?” (As opposed to front labs? Backless labs? o_O)

Let’s take a break from being serious with some levity. 🙂

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