there’s no such thing as a stupid reason not to kill yourself.

your school sells cookies on thursdays? your favorite band is coming out with a new album? you’re still saving up for that tattoo? there’s still five sodas in your fridge and it’d be a shame to let them go to waste? you want to see the season finale of that show you love? keep living.

your reasons don’t have to be big, if they mean anything to you then they’re good reasons.

Yes! Just make something to look forward to

Okay but this is honestly true.

One of the closest times I came to committing suicide was when I was home alone for the weekend a few years ago. The reason I didn’t?

No one else was there to feed the cat until Monday. 

That’s it. That’s all that saved me. 

See, this is such good advice, because it can put you in the frame of mind that you need to be in to combat depression. Even things that seem little, like, “My plant will die if I don’t water it,” or “I’m the only one that takes out the trash, anyways” are examples of how you’re needed and valuable, even appreciated.

There are people out there that need you and love you. Stay alive friend, because it is so worth it.

You are loved.

Your life has value.

It gets better.

Just hold on for 40 more seconds, and then 40 more seconds.

Count with me if you need to.

And one day, you’ll realize that it’s been a long time since you last found yourself whispering those comforting numbers under your breath.

Find an outlet if you need to.

Don’t take the plunge. Please stay here with us.

(And click the links above and below for help when you feel like you can’t take it any longer.)

Prevention Links:

American Association of Suicidology

Foundation for Suicide Prevention

for Disease Control and Prevention – Suicide Prevention

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – Suicide Prevention

The Jed Foundation – Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

SAMHSA – Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention at the Network for Good

Prevention Resource Center

of Suicide

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program

Psychology Resources:

Virtual Pamphlets: University of Chicago

Go Ask Alice: Columbia University

Jed Foundation: Promoting emotional
health & preventing suicide

Screenings for Mental Health:


Active Minds (College
mental health support)

Psychological Association

NAMI (National Alliance of Mentally Ill)

NIMH (National
Institute of Mental Health)


SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Area 26 (Kentucky AA)


NIDA (National
Institute On Drug Abuse)

Assistance in Recovery (Addiction
Intervention Resources)

for Air 
Lung Association)

SLAA (Sex and
Love Addicts Anonymous)

Rehab Advice Center


Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Discovery Place (Drug
& alcohol recovery programs)


Center for PTSD
Dept. of Veterans Affairs)

· (Understanding Bipolar and Depressive Disorders)

on Bipolar Disorder
National Institute of Mental Health

What is Bipolar Disorder? From the University of Maryland Medical Center

Disorder Overview
 from the
Mayo Clinic

Personality Disorder
 from the
Virtual Psychology Classroom

Borderline Personality Resource Center New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Borderline Personality Disorder Information from the Mayo Clinic

Seasonal Affective Disorder from
Northern County Psychiatric Associates

Q & A on Bright Light Therapy from
Columbia University

Seasonal Affective Disorder from the American Psychiatric Association

and Injury:

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP)

S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self
Abuse Finally Ends)

Self Injury
Information for College Women


Social Anxiety Association (SAA)

Social Anxiety Disorder Help

Online Anxiety Screening Test from Mental Health America

Social Anxiety Network

What are social phobias?


Disorders: Types, Diagnosis, Risk Factors

Information on Sleep Problems from

Sleep Problems
from the Nemours Foundation


Stop Bullying Now from the
International Bullying Prevention Association

What is Bullying? from No


of Eating Disorders
 from the
Mayo Clinic

How to Help a Friend from the National Eating Disorders Association

A Help guide for Anorexia Nervosa

Information on Bulimia


Online Depression Screening Test from Mental Health America

Depression among college students rising – in USA Today

Six Tips for Living with a Depressed Person – from Mental Health Matters



help info:

Parents of America


Information about Sexual Peer Pressure

with Financial Peer Pressure


Healthy is Your Relationship 
– Self
Assessment Test Santa Barbara City College

Love, Lust, or Loser Relationship? – Self Assessment from PsychCentral

Dealing with a Relationship Breakup 
Villanova University

Common Questions
about Relationships, and Some Answers 

University at Buffalo

Connectedness & Healthy Relationships

Stress Management Interactive Websites!


really stressful times, informational websites only do so much and sometimes we
need interactive.. here’s a few I find helpful and hope you do too! 

AudioEntertainment Binaural Sound – this one’s hard to describe, but basically it’s nice
white noise that helps our bodies calm and relieve itself from anxiety and
depression symptoms! whole
AudioEntertainment YouTube Channel. 

Calm Meditation– A free session (or as many as you wish) between 2
and 10 minutes of mindfulness soothing walk-through. Great for beginners or
experienced minfulness-ers! – This is strongly based as an educational website but focusing on
gratefulness is an important aspect of a stress-free life and happy state of
mind.. throughout this website there is a few interactive activities I suggest
you look for! 🙂 

Yourself Project
– are
you ready to be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy? great
self love website that will help you alleviate your stress though

Gratitude Journal (Free online)- online free gratitude journal for daily reflection.
Keeping gratitude as a center in your life can help alleviate stress and keep
you focused on the positive. 

Guided Mindfulness Meditations – collection of short mindfulness meditations on different topics
(body scan, breathing, sleep, etc) to help you stay calm and aware in your
daily life. 

Light a Candle– in many traditions and culture lighting a candle is
a significant reflection of gratefulness – light your own candle and reflect on
your gratefulness and slow down. 

Privnote – Send a letter to someone (or yourself) that will
self-destruct immediately after being read. please use for positive uses

Player 2-
this website helps you talk through your conflicts with another person in a
game-like atmosphere! 

Relaxing Games – a few games to help relax, relieve anxiety and
aggression, and distract you for a little while! 

Seven Cups of
Need someone to care and listen to you directly? this is the best place to go
and find support from real trained active listeners who choose to be there and
talk and care for you you! 

Smiling Mind– App and interactive website designed to incorporate
and encourage mindfulness into daily life! Please give it a shot! 

Stress Analyst – helps
you rate and react to your stress level in a very calming supportive way! 

The Comfort Spot– Nestled into the vast web there’s this little stop
of comfort, vent your stories and receive support from others who care.. it’s
like a hug online. 

The Nicest Place on the Internet– Getting a free hug through the internet.. sometimes
something is better than nothing, and here’s a lovely way to get a hug and some
love when you feel lonely or uncared for. 

The Tree
– A little place of your own to create and share your
artistic thoughts and feelings, start some writing and relieve some stress in a
friendly community! 

The Thoughts Room– A simple way to vent and get out some worrying
thoughts, and watch them disappear. 

The Quiet Place Project – a simple way to take a few minutes away from the
stress and chaos of life – give yourself a few minutes – you deserve it. (app)

Write a
Letter To Yourself!

Well this may not seem like an “anxiety/stress relief” website, but I always
find it inspiring to write to myself in the future, it gets me thinking further
into my life instead of dwelling on the current situation.

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