Advice: Fixing a Boring Scene


Anonymous asked:

so I’m writing a story right? but I can’t get past the first couple of paragraphs because it’s just *so* boring. Like, I have my scene perfectly laid out in my head but as I’m putting it on paper it’s like BLAH! how do I create a scene without it dragging out and becoming boring?

If you have the scene laid out and it’s not working, there are a few things you might want to look at:

1) Do you know the “Five Ws” of your scene?

2) Does your scene have a purpose and is it necessary?

3) Is there any way you can change the scene to make it more interesting? For example, can you move it to a new location or time of day? Would it work better before or after a different scene? Are there people you can add or subtract from the scene to make it more interesting?

4) Did you start the scene at the right moment? If you have a scene that takes place in the school cafeteria, but you start the scene as your character walks out of biology, goes to her locker, and stops in the bathroom to primp, that might be a lot of unnecessary action. Instead, starting the scene as she’s walking into the cafeteria or when she’s already in the lunch line might be more interesting. If the interesting thing that happens in the scene is that she’s approached by the class mean girl, you might even want to start the scene when your character is already at lunch and looks up to see the mean girl approaching. Very often, moving the starting point of your scene can make it more interesting.

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