Representation: Not Just for Minorities’ Sake


So I grew up in this town I’m going to call White McWhitington City. See where I’m going with this? There were about twenty thousand people in this town, and in my high school years, about three black kids at the high school total, plus a few (adopted) Asian kids. I did not…

What a great point to make. 

One of the most annoying acts of racisim is when people think that racism only exists between black people and white people. But racism oppresses people of Spanish origin, of Asian origin, and so on. And here’s the thing: it is possible for a person of color) to be racist toward another group of people–trust me, because I’ve met them. There are Asian people who won’t hire black people or Latinos, for example.

Racism comes in many forms, including not realizing that there are a LOT of different ethnicicies in the world and that they all have their own intricacies, as much as you see in your own group.

Representation: Not Just for Minorities’ Sake

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