Neli is amazed and in awe of this miracle standing beside her and Dylan must have been too for he leans in and he suddenly is kissing her once more. He pushes her gently on the bed as his fingers tangle her hair and Neli’s arms wrap around his waist. The kissing doesn’t ease for a while as “dead immortals” and angels don’t need to breathe. Dylan’s hands travel down to the tips on her hair touching her semitransparent back. She shivers from his touch and draws away from his lips only to kiss him once more. Dylan arched his back trying to get closer to his girl. Finally they both pull away, momentarily only thinking about each other and not the slowly colour diminishing world they both fear.

Inksplatteredpapers (An expert of my fantasy/dystopian novel I am writing on Wattpad at the moment. I have just finished chapter 4. This is the end of chapter 4 ^^^ If you have any questions feel free to let me know 😀😊)

[Sent in by a darling follower. <3]

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