Triangulation or The Subtle Art of Connecting Dots


One of the basics steps when writing a story is research. Looking for an specific topic is easy, but sometimes you forget that elements are connected and when you start writing about them you realise you have to make more research and have to stop writing just when…

Writing fiction does NOT excuse you from having to do research!

Even if your setting is very much unlike earth, you still need to have made a distinct set of rules and other guidelines for what can be done in your world and what cannot.

If your characters can use magic, what are they limited by? How do they cast in the first place? Where do their powers come from?

If your climate is one of extreme temperatures, how do living things exist in that environment? What species are able to live there? Which ones are unable to do so? What do organisms do to survive?

Are you not allowed to dance, but you can make jokes, what is it that distinguishes the two? Can you sing? What is it about singing and dancing that makes them forbidden?

Take the time to research how things work in the real world and figure out what makes your world different or how it works the same.

Triangulation or The Subtle Art of Connecting Dots

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