Yes, it’s another update. :P Regular content will be in at the normal time.

I’m trying to keep my normal content up and whatnot on the site, but I feel compelled to keep you guys updated on what’s been up lately. (Get caught up here.)

I used to have fantastic blood pressure. A few years ago, I began to have really high bpm (beats per minute) whenever I get my heart rate/blood pressure checked. A lot of people figured that it was just anxiety because it was, you know, a doctor’s visit. And anxiety has been VERY present for the last few years, so I’ve been just chalking it up to stress. But now that I’m seeing a rheumatologist, my family doctor and her are now both worried about my heart rate. I kept having go get EKGs before, and I did a 24-hour heart monitor and was told that everything was fine. Now, they’re not so sure.

They think it could be this really weird thing called POTS. A lot of it sounds true, but it requires some invasive testing that is very painful.  And some other stuff I don’t know much about.

I have a fancy new phone now, so I can keep better track of my heart rate and compare it throughout the day. The POTS thing involves your heart rate going up significantly upon standing, which seems to be the case right now. So we’ll see!

I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’ll have more information in a month. I’m actually pretty nervous.

BUT, I now have more medication to help with my anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. That helps. Now just to get my sleep schedule back in order…

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