“Writing a First Draft:
The 8 Stages Writers Go Through

1. Finding a Voice:
This is like shouting at a room full of people and having no one reply… then one person does.

2. Groping in the Dark:
You know there’s a story there someone; you just can’t find it yet. You write blindly on, hoping to find it, a child lost in the woods without a light.

3. The Surprise:
The beautiful surprise of banging into something in the dark, something that looks like a story you can write.

4. Fireworks!:
The fireworks happen. This is the rush, the joy of creativity! The word count flows, and you love being a writer now!

5. The Doubt:
The middle of the story starts to sage. You doubt you can make it to the end. You think you’re a terrible writer.

6. Is that the end I can see?:
Quick, get writing!

7. Type "The End”:
Dance, scream, drink champagne, jump for joy–whatever you do, celebrate typing those two words.

8. Oh, No:
Now I have to redraft!“

Whatever you do, make it your own. Write the story that only you can write.

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