“10 Tips for Giving Your
Sidekick Purpose:

1) They can be the MC’s
(main character’s) foil.

2) They can call the MC out
on their crap.

3) They can give the MC

4) They can create
secondary tension.

5) They can force the MC to
face their heart.

6) They can help the MC see
past themselves.

7) They can provide a
secondary POV.

8) They can give the MC’s

9) They can keep the MC

10) They can be the MC’s
saving grace.


All really fantastic
points. It’s important to ensure that your side characters aren’t just there to
fill in space. Give them a purpose. Can you combine your sidekicks? What would
be lost if any one of them were no longer there? What does each character bring
to the story? What is unique about them? What is their relationship with the
MC? These things are crucial to consider.

I actually have some
sidekicks that I need to rewrite a bit so I won’t have to combine them.
>_> They’re a prospective couple of sorts, but their personalities don’t
shine nearly as much as they should.

That’s part (one of many)
of why I’m taking a break to work on my novellas so I can develop the other
characters “off-screen,” in a way. Giving them individual plots that don’t
revolve around my main character is really helping!

I am about halfway through
my first novella, and when I get closer to finishing, I’ll do what I can to let
you know more about it. 🙂

The working title is Forgive
and Forget
, but that will likely change by the end of it.

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